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Sarkozy, la défaite du ravioli francais

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Le 05/03/2021 à 15:27, Rübezahl a dit :

Tu aurais une source stp ?




"For years, Tarhouna had been ruled by a militia known as the Kaniyat – believed to be behind a series of atrocious crimes, including torture, killings, and forced disappearances"


"For Elham Saudi, co-founder and director of Lawyers for Justice in Libya, Tarhouna typifies years of traumatic conflict in the country: Foreign powers meddle as they please; lawless militias see no consequences for their crimes; in the end, civilians pay the price."


“Tarhouna embodies a horrible truth about Libya’s… conflict and the culture of impunity: a reality where armed groups commit violations and then leave the scene,” she said. “Then victims [are also forced to flee], pressured into accepting a reality that they didn’t create.”


Migrants – of which there are around 600,000 in Libya – were also kept in al-Daam prison, and were forced by the militia to carry out tasks they reckoned the Libyans couldn’t be made to do, according to al-Amri and three other sources.




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