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Des flacons de variole découverts dans un laboratoire Merck de la banlieue de Philadelphie

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The smallpox virus retention debate has been going on among scientists and health officials since the smallpox virus was declared eradicated by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 1980. The debate centers on whether or not the last two known remnants of the Variola virus known to cause smallpox, which are kept in tightly controlled government laboratories in the United States and Russia, should finally and irreversibly be destroyed. Advocates of final destruction maintain that there is no longer any valid rationale for retaining the samples, which pose the hazard of escaping the laboratories, while opponents of destruction maintain that the samples may still be of value to scientific research, especially since variants of the smallpox virus may still exist in the natural world and thus present the possibility of the disease re-emerging in the future or being used as a bio-weapon.


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Ca me fait penser à un épisode de x-files quand Mulder trouve des kilomètres de fioles de variole dans un bunker sous terrain du gouvernement.

Tu sais jamais trop si c'est Hollywood qui a un coup d'avance sur les conneries que va faire le gouvernement ou si c'est l'inverse.


Je me demande d'où ça partira cette fois, chauve-souris et pangolin c'est déjà fait, faudra trouver une autre bêbête.

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