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Le groupe Open Society de George Soros hacké


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  • 4 years later...



"Breaking: GEORGE SOROS Appoints Lord Mark Malloch Brown – The Former President of Smartmatic – to Lead Open Society Foundation"





Malloch Brown became chairman of the board of directors of SGO Corporation Limited, a holding company whose primary asset is the election technology and voting machine manufacturer Smartmatic, in 2014.[48][49] Citing Malloch Brown's former and present relationship with politicians in the Philippines as well as his role in Smartmatic, the IBON Foundation, a non-profit research organization based in the Philippines, criticized him as being "a foreigner who made a career out of influencing elections"


Malloch Brown has been closely associated with billionaire speculator George Soros. Working for Refugees International, he was part of the Soros Advisory Committee on Bosnia in 1993–94, formed by Soros. He has since kept cordial relations with Soros, and rented an apartment owned by Soros while working in New York on UN assignments.[51] While serving as United Nations Development Programme Administrator, Malloch Brown spoke beside Soros in 2002 suggesting that United Nations and Soros's Open Society Institute, as well as other organizations, work together to fund humanitarian functions.[52]


In May 2007, Soros's Quantum Fund announced the appointment of Malloch Brown as vice-president.[53] In September 2007, The Observer reported that he had resigned this position on becoming a government minister in the UK.[54] Also in May 2007, Malloch Brown was named vice-chairman of Soros Fund Management and the Open Society Institute, two other important Soros organisations.[55] In December 2020, Malloch Brown succeeded Patrick Gaspard as president of Open Society Foundations.[56]


In 2013 Malloch Brown and FTI Consulting came to a legal settlement with Israeli mining billionaire Beny Steinmetz, who had sued them claiming Malloch Brown had given confidential information to Soros which led to a smear campaign against Steinmetz's mining company. The out-of-court settlement of €90,000 plus costs was without any determination of liability.[57]

Malloch Brown is a member of the Executive Committee of the International Crisis Group,[58] and played a key role in its foundation in 1993–5. In July 2014 he became Co-Chair of the Board of Trustees.[59]


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La source m'a l'air bien orienté.


Par contre, la page wikipedia de Lord Mark Malloch Brown  montre qu'il travaille avec Soros depuis des années et que c'est un ancien ministre liés aux questions des pays en développement. Donc rien de surprenant que Soros choisisse un progressiste ayant de l'expérience dans les relatiions internationales pour diriger son organisation.


Après concernant l'influence de l'Open Foundation dans les pays en développement, c'est connu et je pense que c'est contreproductif. Promouvoir une ligne progressiste avec des valeurs d'urbains occidental dans des pays qui sont ou sortent de la misère et de la corruption est décalé par rapport aux besoin de la population de base. Cette dernière veut un job, la possibilité de créer une entreprise et travailler et étre en sécurité. C'est ce que je reproche à beaucoup d'ONG basant leur mission sur le "regime change": leur vision du monde est celle des grandes villes des USA et sont incapables de percevoir les problématiques locales de tel ou tel pays. Ce qui a largement contribué à la montée du populisme...

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