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Noooon :(


The relationship, which I might tentatively aver has been not without a degree of reciprocal utility and even occasional gratification, is approaching a point of irreversible bifurcation and, to be brief, is in the propinquity of its ultimate, regrettable, termination. I'm... on my way out. One has to accept what fate has in store, when one passes on to pastures new, perhaps greener. In the service of one who is greater than any of us.


Bon OK, ça c'était Sir Humphrey. Bernard:


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Bernard était moins flamboyant que les deux autres personnages mais illustrait magnifiquement le tiraillement entre servir le ministre (et l'intérêt général) ou  Sir Humphrey (et sa propre carrière). 

Il y avait aussi le gag récurent de la correction des expressions mal utilisées. 

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